Inventory by Stakeholder

Each stakeholder is associated with one or more systems or "elements" that make up the regional transportation system. This table sorts the inventory by stakeholder, so each stakeholder can easily identify and review the information for all elements that they own and operate.

Academic/Research OrganizationsUniversity of Illinois ICT Data Archive
Area Media OutletsMedia
Arterial Performance Monitoring System Joint Venture GroupCity of Chicago DOT Arterial Performance Monitoring System
Chicago Bureau of Convention and TourismChicago Bureau of Convention and Tourism Database
Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP)CMAP Regional Parking Management System
CMAP Regional Transportation Data Archive
CMAP Regional VMT Monitoring Equipment
Chicago Park DistrictChicago Park District Parking Management System
Chicago Police DepartmentChicago Police Department Mobile Data Terminals
Chicago Police Department Vehicles
Chicago Transit AuthorityChicago Transit Authority BusInfo Signs
Chicago Transit Authority Active Transit Station Signs
Chicago Transit Authority ATSS System
Chicago Transit Authority Audio Announcement Equipment
Chicago Transit Authority Automated Passenger Counting System (APC)
Chicago Transit Authority Automated Vehicle Monitoring System (Vehicle Maintenance)
Chicago Transit Authority Bus Tracker Website
Chicago Transit Authority Bus Vehicles
Chicago Transit Authority BusInfo System
Chicago Transit Authority Cash Fare Collection Equipment
Chicago Transit Authority Cash Revenue Collection Center
Chicago Transit Authority Communications Hubs
Chicago Transit Authority Communications Infrastructure
Chicago Transit Authority Control Center
Chicago Transit Authority Data Archive
Chicago Transit Authority Garages
Chicago Transit Authority Parking Management Guidance System
Chicago Transit Authority Rail Signaling Equipment
Chicago Transit Authority Rapid Transit Vehicles
Chicago Transit Authority Security Equipment
Chicago Transit Authority Stations
Chicago Transit Authority Ventra Card
City of ChicagoMayors Office of Special Events
City of Chicago / Skyway Concession Company LLCCity of Chicago - Skyway Concession Company LLC Field Equipment
City of Chicago - Skyway Concession Company LLC Operations
City of Chicago - Skyway Concession Company LLC TMC
City of Chicago - Skyway Concession Company LLC Toll Plaza
City of Chicago Department of AviationChicago Airport Parking Systems
Chicago Airports
City of Chicago Department of Aviation Field Equipment
Midway Airport Operations Center
OHare Air Cargo Terminal
OHare Airport Operations Center
City of Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation (DSS)City of Chicago DSS Bureau of Street Operations Dispatch
City of Chicago DSS Bureau of Traffic Services Dispatch
City of Chicago DSS Field Equipment
City of Chicago DSS Vehicles
City of Chicago Department of TransportationCity of Chicago Communication Infrastructure
City of Chicago DOT Data Hub
City of Chicago DOT Division of Electrical Operations
City of Chicago DOT Divvy Bicycle Docking Stations
City of Chicago DOT Divvy Bicycles
City of Chicago DOT Divvy Fare Payment Equipment
City of Chicago DOT Divvy Management System
City of Chicago DOT Divvy Payment Management System
City of Chicago DOT Roadway Maintenance
City of Chicago DOT Transportation Website
City of Chicago DOT Vehicles
City of Chicago Oversize-Overweight Permitting
City of Chicago TMC
City of Chicago OEMC and TMACity of Chicago 311 Center
City of Chicago 911 CAD
City of Chicago Incident Center (CIC)
City of Chicago Joint Operation Center (JOC)
City of Chicago OEMC C-Boxes
City of Chicago OEMC Field Equipment
City of Chicago OEMC Maintenance Vehicles
City of Chicago OEMC Notify Chicago Website
City of Chicago OEMC Security Monitoring Equipment
City of Chicago OEMC Unified Command Vehicles
City of Chicago Operations Center (OC)
Cook CountyCook County Communication Infrastructure
Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways (DOTH)Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways Construction Bureau
Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways Field Equipment
Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways Maintenance Bureau
Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways Maintenance Vehicles
Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways Pavement Management System
Cook County Oversize-Overweight Permitting
Cook County TMC
Cook County SheriffCook County Sheriff Communications Center
Cook County Sheriff Vehicles
Cook County Sheriff Emergency Management AgencyCook County EOC
County/Municipal Paratransit ServicesOther Regional Paratransit Dispatch
DuPage County Division of TransportationDuPage County Accident Reporting System
DuPage County Centralized Signal Management System
DuPage County Communications Infrastructure
DuPage County Construction Website
DuPage County Field Equipment
DuPage County ITS Hub
DuPage County Maintenance Operations
DuPage County Maintenance Vehicles
DuPage County Oversize-Overweight Permitting
DuPage County TMC
DuPage County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency ManagementDuPage County EOC
DuPage County EOC Field Equipment
DuPage County SheriffDuPage County Sheriff Communications Center
DuPage County Sheriff Vehicles
Grundy County Highway DepartmentGrundy County Field Equipment
Grundy County Maintenance Operations
Grundy County Maintenance Vehicles
Grundy County TMC
Grundy County Office Emergency ManagementGrundy County EOC
Grundy County EOC Field Equipment
Grundy County SheriffGrundy County 911 Center
Grundy County Sheriff Vehicles
Illinois Commerce CommissionIllinois Commerce Commission Illinois Unified Carrier Registration (UCR)
Illinois Counties (Other)County Traffic Management Centers (other)
Illinois County Emergency ServicesOther County 911 Centers
Other County EOCs
Other County PSAPs
Illinois Department of RevenueIllinois Department of Revenue International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) On-Line filing
Revenue collection systems.
Illinois Department of TransportationIDOT Automated License Plate / USDOT Number Reader (ALPR)
IDOT Commercial Vehicle Information Exchange Window (CVIEW)
Illinois Department of Transportation Districts (Other)IDOT District TMCs (other)
Illinois Dept of Transportation Central Bureau of Bridges and StructuresIDOT Bureau of Bridges and Structures Field Equipment
IDOT Bureau of Bridges and Structures Remote Bridge Control System Command Center
IDOT Bureau of Bridges and Structures Remote Bridge Control System Field Equipment
Illinois Dept of Transportation Central Bureau of Information ProcessingIDOT Arterial Construction Closure Application Website
IDOT District 1 Communications Backbone
IDOT Expressway Lane Construction Closure Application Website
IDOT Toll Business Center
IDOT Toll Plazas / Gantries
IDOT Transportation Information Websites
Illinois DOT Telephone Info
Illinois GIS Transportation Coalition
Illinois Dept of Transportation District 1 Bureau of Maintenance OperationsIDOT District 1 Maintenance Management
IDOT District 1 Maintenance Yards
IDOT Maintenance Vehicles
Illinois Dept of Transportation District 1 Bureau of Traffic OperationsIDOT District 1 Bureau of Traffic - Arterial Operations Field Equipment
IDOT District 1 Bureau of Traffic - Arterial Signal Operations
IDOT District 1 Bureau of Traffic - Expressway Operations Unit
IDOT District 1 ComCenter
IDOT District 1 ComCenter Field Equipment
IDOT District 1 Traffic Systems Center (TSC)
IDOT District 1 Traffic Systems Center Field Equipment
IDOT Emergency Traffic Patrol (ETP)
IDOT Emergency Traffic Patrol Vehicles
Illinois Dept of Transportation Division of Highways Bureau of OperationsIDOT Central Bureau of Operations Field Equipment
IDOT Central Bureau of Operations Roadway and Weather Information System
IDOT CVO Permitting - Oversize/Overweight (ITAP)
IDOT Weigh Stations
Illinois Dept of Transportation Division of Traffic SafetyIDOT CVO Mobile Inspection Station
Illinois Mobile Capture and Reporting System (MCR)
Illinois Dept of Transportation ITS Program OfficeGateway Traveler Information System GTIS
Gateway TravelMidwest Website
IDOT Email Notification System (ENS)
Illinois Emergency Management AgencyStatewide Emergency Operations Center
Illinois Environmental Protection AgencyIllinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Illinois International Port DistrictPort of Chicago Intermodal Facilities
Illinois Secretary of StateDept of Driver Services
Illinois Secretary of State International Registration Plan (IRP)
Illinois State PoliceCVO Pre-Pass
Illinois State Police Vehicles
Illinois State Police District 15Illinois State Police District 15 Operations Desk
Illinois State Police Districts 2, 5, and ChicagoCVO Crash Reporting (MCSAP)
CVO Inspection Reporting (ASPEN)
Illinois State Police Dispatch (Districts 2, 5 and Chicago)
Illinois Tollway*999 Cellular Express Line
Illinois Tollway Communications Infrastructure
Illinois Tollway Computer Aided Dispatch Center
Illinois Tollway Highway Emergency Lane Patrol Vehicles
Illinois Tollway IPASS Business Center
Illinois Tollway I-Pass Toll Plazas
Illinois Tollway Maintenance and Construction
Illinois Tollway Maintenance Vehicle
Illinois Tollway Oversize-Overweight Permitting
Illinois Tollway Real Time Performance System
Illinois Tollway TIMS Kiosks
Illinois Tollway TMC (TIMS)
Illinois Tollway TMC Field Equipment
Illinois Tollway Weigh in Motion
Independent School DistrictsIndependent School District Dispatch
Indiana Dept of TransportationIndiana Condition Acquisition and Reporting System (CARS)
Indiana DOT Arterial TMC
Indiana TrafficWise
Indiana Dept of Transportation- Laporte DistrictBorman Traffic Management Center
Indiana Public Safety AgenciesIndiana County/ Municipal Public Safety Dispatch
Indiana State PoliceIndiana State Police Dispatch
Indiana Toll Road Concession Company (ITRCC)Indiana Toll Road Operations Center
Intermodal Yard OperatorsIntermodal Facilities
Kane County Division of TransportationKane County Communications Infrastructure
Kane County Construction Operations
Kane County Field Equipment
Kane County Maintenance Operations
Kane County Maintenance Vehicles
Kane County Oversize-Overweight Permitting
Kane County TMC
Kane County Office of Emergency ManagementKane County EOC
Kane County EOC Field Equipment
Kane County SheriffKane County 911 Center - KaneComm
Kane County Sheriff Vehicles
Kendall County Highway DepartmentKendall County Field Equipment
Kendall County Maintenance Operations
Kendall County Maintenance Vehicles
Kendall County TMC
Kendall County Office of Emergency ManagementKendall County EOC
Kendall County EOC Field Equipment
Kendall County SheriffKendall County 911 Center
Kendall County Sheriff Vehicles
Kenosha County Department of Public WorksKenosha County Highway Maintenance Operations
Kenosha County Maintenance Vehicles
Kenosha County Public Safety AgenciesKenosha County Public Safety Dispatch
Kenosha TransitKenosha Transit Dispatch
Lake County Division of TransportationLake County Communication Infrastructure
Lake County Field Equipment
Lake County Highway Construction Operations
Lake County Highway Maintenance Operations
Lake County Maintenance Vehicles
Lake County Oversize-Overweight Permitting
Lake County PASSAGE Website
Lake County Emergency Management AgencyLake County EOC
Lake County EOC Field Equipment
Lake County SheriffLake County Emergency Communications Center 911
Lake County Sheriff Vehicles
McHenry County Division of TransportationMcHenry County Field Equipment
McHenry County Maintenance Operations
McHenry County Maintenance Vehicles
McHenry County Oversize-Overweight Permitting
McHenry County TMC
McHenry County Emergency Services and Disaster AgencyMcHenry County EOC
McHenry County EOC Field Equipment
McHenry County SheriffMcHenry County Sheriff Dispatch
McHenry County Sheriff Vehicles
MetraMetra Anemometers Information System
Metra Automated Passenger Counting System
Metra Consolidated Control Facility
Metra Fare Collection Equipment
Metra Fiber Communication Backbone
Metra GPS Center (TIMS)
Metra Maintenance Yards
Metra On-Board Equipment
Metra Parking Management Guidance System (PMGS)
Metra Passenger Information Display System
Metra Passenger Services
Metra PMGS Signs
Metra Police
Metra Positive Train Control System
Metra Public Address System
Metra Rail Operator
Metra Security Equipment
Metra Stations
Metra Track and Signaling Equipment
Metra Trains
Metra Visual Information Display System (VIDS)
Metra Wayside Equipment
Metra Website
Metro Pier and Exposition Authority (MPEA)MPEA Parking Management
Municipalities/TownshipsMunicipal EMCs
Municipal Parking Management Guidance System
Municipal Public Safety Dispatch
Municipal Public Safety Vehicles
Municipal TMCs
Municipal Transit Operations
Municipal/Township Communications Infrastructure
Municipal/Township Field Equipment
Municipal/Township Maintenance Operations
Municipal/Township Oversize/Overweight Permitting System
Municipal/Townships Maintenance Vehicles
Public Parking Spaces
Northeastern Illinois Hospitals/Medical CentersRegional Hospitals
Northwestern Indiana Commuter Transportation DistrictNICTD Dispatch
PacePace Agency Website
Pace Automatic Passenger Counting Equipment
Pace BusInfo Signs
Pace BusInfo System
Pace Communications Infrastructure
Pace Control Center (IBS)
Pace Data Archive
Pace Garages
Pace Paratransit Vehicles
Pace Regional Paratransit Dispatch
Pace Regional Ridesharing and Vanpooling
Pace Rideshare Services
Pace Roadside TSP Equipment
Pace Security Equipment
Pace Stations
Pace Transit Bus Vehicles
Pace WebWatch Internet Site
PPP PartnerPPP Chicago Parking Management system
PPP CTA Ventra Farecard Vending Machines
PPP Fare Management System
PPP Private Roadway Field Equipment
PPP Transit Fare Equipment
Private Bus AgenciesPrivate Bus Dispatch
Private Hazmat AgenciesHazmat Management and Cleanup
Private ISPsPrivate ISPs - Travel Information Services
Private Parking OperatorsPrivate Parking Lots
Private Sector Maintenance ContractorPrivate Sector Maintenance Contractor Operations
Private Taxi CompaniesPrivate Taxi Dispatch
Private Towing CompaniesPrivate Tow and Recovery Operations
Private Trucking CompaniesCommercial Vehicles
Trucking Distribution Centers
Private Weather Information ProvidersWeather Services
Public and Non-Profit Paratransit AgenciesPublic/Non-Profit Paratransit Services
Rail Freight OperatorsCN Real Time Crossing Information
Rail Freight Operations
Rail Private Wayside Equipment
Regional Airport AuthorityNeighboring Airports
South Suburban Airport TMC
Regional Event OrganizationsRegional Event Facilities
Regional Transportation AuthorityRegional Transit Asset Management System (RTAMS)
Regional Transportation Authority Travel Information Center (TIC)
RTA InfoTrans Signs
RTA Multimodal Trip Planner (Goroo)
RTA Passenger Certification Database
RTA Transit Hub
RTA Transit Hub Website
State Departments of Transportation (other)State TMC
TravelersRoad User
Universal Fare Card
User Personal Computing Devices
US Coast GuardCoast Guard Dispatch
US NavyGreat Lakes Training Center
Utility CompaniesUtility Company Operations
Violation Enforcement Processing ServiceAutomated Enforcement Cameras
Violation Enforcement Processing Center
Water Taxi OperatorsWater Taxi Service
Will County Division of TransportationWill County Division of Transportation Field Equipment
Will County Division of Transportation Maintenance Operations
Will County Division of Transportation Maintenance Vehicles
Will County Division of Transportation Website
Will County Oversize-Overweight Permitting
Will County TMC
Will County Emergency Management AgencyWill County EOC
Will County EOC Field Equipment
Will County WEBEOC
Will County SheriffWill County Sheriff Communications Center
Will County Sheriff Portable Scales
Will County Sheriff Vehicles
Wisconsin Dept of TransportationWisconsin Gateway (MONITOR / 511 / TOPS Lab)
Wisconsin State Patrol District 2 Dispatch
WisDOT Statewide Traffic Operations Center
Wisconsin Public Safety AgenciesWisconsin Municipal Public Safety