Agreements provide the institutional underpinnings for the technical integration identified in the Regional ITS Architecture. This page lists the agreements that support Intelligent Transportation Systems in the region.

0038CDOT CPD Crash Data SharingExisting
0022CDOT CTA Agreement for Sharing Travel DataExisting
006CDOT Signal Coordination AgreementPlanned
024CDOT Signal Maintenance AgreementExisting
0264Chicago OEMC Operation Virtual Shield Image SharingPlanned
05City of Chicago Divvy Bike ProgramExisting
0042Cook County - Municipal Signal OperationsPlanned
0265Cook County EVPExisting
007Cook County Signal Operation CoordinationExisting
0033CTA - Fiber Sharing Agreement - Cook Co., OEMC, CDOTExisting
0161CTA Google Transit Data SharingExisting
0241CTA-CDOT Signal Operations AgreementPlanned
0171Cubic Pace CTA Ventra Card AgreementExisting
0043DuPage County /Tollway Ramp Queue Management AgreementExisting
0266DuPage County Emergency Communications ChannelPlanned
036DuPage County Transportation Coordination Initiative (TCI) PlanExisting
015DuPage Countywide Mutual Aid AgreementExisting
013Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC)Existing
029IDOT Coordinated Incident ManagementExisting
0412IDOT CVISN MOUExisting
041IDOT CVISN Top Level Design and Program Plan (TLD-PP)Existing
016IDOT Gateway Intergovernmental AgreementExisting
019IDOT/ISTHA Interagency Agreement for ITS Cooperative InitiativeExisting
027IDOT-Cook County CAD Integration AgreementPlanned
012Illinois Emergency Management Mutual Aid System (IEMMAS)Existing
010Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System (ILEAS)Existing
028Illinois Public Works Mutual Aid Network AgreementsExisting
033Illinois Tollway - RITA I-90 Connected Vehicle Test bedExisting
030Illinois Tollway - Wisconsin DOT Coordinated VMS Message PostingExisting
032Illinois Tollway at Arterial Interchange OperationsExisting
031Illinois Tollway Elgin-OHare Western Access AgreementsPlanned
008Illinois Tollway Emergency Management AgreementExisting
034Illinois Tollway EZ Pass ConsortiumExisting
035Illinois Tollway Multi-State License Plate Data SharingPlanned
004Interagency Signal CoordinationExisting
037Kane County Crash Data SharingExisting
038Kane County PSAP Integration AgreementPlanned
039Kane County Traffic Signal Maintenance and Operation of IDOT SignalsPlanned
040Kane County Video and Data SharingPlanned
0262Lake County DOT-OEM AgreementExisting
0263Lake County Emergency Vehicle Pre-emption EVP AgreementPotential
002Lake County Multi-Agency Agreement for Sharing Travel DataExisting
0261Lake County PSAP AgreementsExisting
0032Lake County Wireless Access PointsExisting
0035Lake-Cook Fiber SharingExisting
0172Metra Contactless Credit Card Fare PurchasePlanned
036Metra Fiber InstallationPotential
0163Metra Google Transit Data SharingExisting
014Metro Country Emergency ManagementExisting
001Multi-Agency Agreements for Coordinated VMS Message PostingPlanned
011Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS)Existing
0251Pace Bus on ShouldersExisting
0162Pace Google Transit Data SharingExisting
026PSAP Integration AgreementPlanned
009Public Health Emergency Mutual Aid System (PHEMAS)Existing
018Regional Transit ITS Plan (RTIP)Existing
020Regional Transportation Asset Management System (RTAMS)Existing
0021Regionwide Multi-Agency Agreement for Sharing Travel DataPotential
003Sharing of Fiber ConnectivityExisting
0031Sharing of Wireless ConnectivityPlanned
017Transit Fare Reimbursement AgreementsExisting
025Transit Signal Priority Traffic Signal AgreementsExisting
005Transit Signal Priority Work GroupExisting
0268Will Canadian National Real Time Crossing InformationExisting
0267Will County Emergency Vehicle Pre-EmptionExisting